Learning the high jump


Asics high jump shoes

Vaulting over the bar without knocking it over calls for practice and tremendous stamina. And, of course, the right shoes! Shoes that can be laced up tightly make a strong foundation for the jump. Take a look at some shoes that are ideal for high jumps:

Asics high jump shoesasics high jump shoes

High jump shoes typically have both front and rear spikes. Asics high jump shoes are a 11-pin spike that are ideal for high jump and other athletic activities. The durable shoes have a full-length outsole that provides support and traction that’s required for high jumps. The symmetrical platform makes the shoes suitable for both right and left footed jumpers.

Nike high jump shoes

Shoes for high jump need to have spikes both in the front and rear as this helps with take-off and landing. Nike high jump shoes provide synthetic overlays to aid jumping and midfoot straps to prevent slipping. They’re lightweight and have responsive cushioning that makes them comfortable for high jumps. A tapered midsole helps with the right takeoff and the 11 spikes provide the required traction.

Adidas high jump shoes

High jump shoes have to be lightweight to enable you to execute those perfect jumps. Adidas Adizero shoes are made out of synthetic leather with a mesh upper that keeps feet cool and dry. The aerodynamic lace cover and carbon rubber outsole add to your comfort along with replaceable spikes. Mobility is aided with midsole and upper support.

Injuries can be prevented by choosing shoes with the proper support. Make sure your shoes have the right width and arch support. Never compromise on the quality as you need shoes that are dependable and durable.

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