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baby chenille chicks

Spring symbolizes resurrection from dead. It is a celebration of all nature “rising again.” The traditional symbols of this season are associated with nature. Easter marks the beginning of spring! Religiously, the emergence of newly borne, baby bunnies and chicks signify us of new birth of Christ.

Eggs are the quintessential representation of new life, that hides under a shell until, it bursts onto the earth. Children of all ages love coloring eggs. You can buy the dyeing kits from any drugstore. I prefer picking organic colors to help the kids color or dye the eggs. Usually I let them run free with their imaginations, but at times I cannot resist the temptation to guide them with some painting techniques I know.

You can also encourage your kids to make cute little egg fillers and color them using these tips-

  • Make sure to grow the grass long-enough to hold your dyed eggs. Plant grass seeds in some attractive containers and ask kids to water it every couple of days. You will soon have grass tall enough to hold eggs.
  • If you are skeptical about this, you can simply get some wheat grass from your local health food store. You can place this grass in small beautiful china pot along with a few twigs of fresh and delicate flowers. This will create gorgeous place settings for your Easter brunch.
  • Include baby chenille chicks or a tiny white chocolate bunny as egg fillers for your guests to take home.

You can create a nice Easter basket to revel-in the merriment of Easter. Depictions of animals like rabbits or baby chicks symbolize rebirth and fertility. They prevail in all Easter baskets, treats and decorations right from biblical times to present day. Baby lambs imply tranquility and peace and are customary in chocolate collections contained in Easter baskets.

Regard this season as an ‘occasion’ to make a difference in your life and rejoice the rebirth of all things bright and beautiful.

Guest Blogger: Divya

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