Pimp out your bike with a Dakota digital speed sensor

Dakota digital speed sensor

If you are a bike enthusiast then I am sure you’ve got your bike all tweaked out for extreme performance. When I talk performance, I need numbers! Now usually the speedometers that come factory-fitted aren’t the most accurate and will give you a 10% plus or minus margin of error. That certainly is not acceptable when you are tweaking your bike for performance. In these situations it is good to get a separate speed sensor to give you an accurate reading of your speed.

When it comes to speed sensors you definitely want the most accurate one around. Among the speed sensors available, the Dakota digital speed sensor is one of the most accurate ones you will find. The Universal Inductive Speed Sensors from Dakota Digital are the ones you need to get your hands on. These sensors inductively read gear teeth, pulley bolts or any ferrous metal passing by the sensor. It provides a pulse signal to the speedometer which in turn calculates and displays the bike’s speed with amazing accuracy. The housing for these sensors is about half an inch thick and about an inch long.

With these sensors you can accurately gauge the performance of your bike accounting of any error. Enthusiasts who tweak their bike up to get the most performance out of them will definitely find this speed sensor extremely useful. They are easy to install and require very little calibration work. These sensors are usually used on Harleys.

So get yourself a Dakota digital speed sensor and assess the accurate performance levels of your bike!

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