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eco friendly yoga kit

I love exercising! But unlike most others who are constantly focused on losing weight, I prefer being fit and healthy. So, I always pick workouts that bring me closer to nature. I would rather jog or walk in the morning or evening instead of running on that treadmill.

You spend so much on buying one or pay the gym for using their services. Then, there’s a lot of electricity waste, when the same workout can be done outdoors! I would rather save that money and get myself a pair of fab running shoes and attire.

It is not always necessarily to pump iron at the gym. I know a lot of people lack the motivation to workout at home. But if you have the right gear in front of you, it can be done. Get an eco friendly yoga kit to do all that stretching and free-hand exercises.

The kit usually comes with two yoga blocks, one strap, and a yoga mat bag. Made from natural dry rubber, these mats don’t have the latex component from the tree. They are durable and offer incredible traction for complicated exercises too.

The yoga blocks can be used for doing push-ups and other muscle related exercises. I usually blend yoga with cardios and some core-training exercises. The workout becomes more fun as a friend joins me for it.

On hot humid days, I set the air-con temperature to about 25 degrees Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit. It saves energy and also keeps the room at a comfortable temperature. So, enjoy a healthy workout, eco friendly way!


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