Easy ways to “green” your kitchen


energy star refrigerators

I try to incorporate something green in everything I do. This includes using eco friendly bags while shopping or carrying an aluminum water bottle to work instead of drinking bottled water. There are a lot of small things which you can do make the environment a greener place. The kitchen is one of the first few places at home where this green makeover should begin. This is the hub of all kinds of big and small electrical appliances like refrigerators, food processors and even ovens. If you combine the electricity usage of these appliances, it can result in a huge electricity bill.

energy star refrigerators

Instead switch over to green appliances that are Energy Star certified. The higher the number of stars, the less energy it consumes. The latest inclusion in my kitchen is a new Samsung side-by-side refrigerator. Energy Star refrigerators offer all of our modern day amenities minus the huge bills.

The refrigerator consumes much less energy than an older refrigerator and yet, it offers me more space and storage, and is better at cooling and freezing . The best part is that my heart doesn’t skip a bit every time I see the electricity bill.

The investment might be costly but you will save money in the long run! You can really save more because with more storage space, you can cut down visits to the supermarket. This means you’ll drive less, which will help you save fuel. If you do the math, you are saving a few hundred dollars every month by investing in these green and sensible solutions. Now that I have changed my refrigerator, my next target is investing in an Energy Star certified oven!

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