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estee lauder perfume

Estee Lauder is a brand known for its quality and beautiful collection of perfume, skin care and makeup products. The company was started by Estee lauder in 1946 in New York City. At first Lauder has just produced only scented bath oils.

In 1952 she first launched her perfume youth dew. From that day Estee lauder perfumes never looked back. These perfumes had become pretty famous in short period of time and during the first year of the launch around a million of these Estee Lauder perfumes were sold. Today Estee Launder perfumes are not just perfumes they are a style which reveals the personality of one who wears it.

At first Estee launder perfumes were available only for women. Later the company has launched some amazing variety of presume collection for men also. The Estee launder perfumes for men have achieved great recognition and reputation in no time. These perfumes became immensely popular across America very soon.  estee lauder perfume

Well, on my birthday my sister gifted the beautiful estee lauder perfume. I just fell in love with its elegant and luxurious fragrance. This Estee lauder perfume combines the rich essences of two magnificent white flowers in a fresh, modern bouquet. This perfume is the right one to use everyday as it makes smells extremely beautiful for longtime. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your friend then this perfume is the great one to go for. Yes, an Estee lauder perfume will be a perfect gift to give every perfume lover.

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