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Football gloves

If play football, then you would know gloves give your hands the apt protection from a harsh throw. It also helps you to get a better grip of the ball.  But at the same time you want gloves that fit well, so they don’t hamper or restrict movement when throwing. The force of the ball could cause abrasions and cuts, so your gloves need to protect your hands. Then, you need protection from the weather and your hands need to be dry and warm to keep flexibility while playing in rain and snow.

Football gloves give a firm grip for enhanced play. For instance, the receiver’s gloves and running backs gloves are a bit sticky in the palm for better grip. Catch better with a pair of football gloves by buying gloves made by companies like Nike and Under Armour.

Depending on your position during play you need to use suitable football gloves. For example, the aim of the goal keeper is to prevent the opposite team to strike a goal. While preventing a goal, the goal keeper faces great force that is enough to break the tiny bones of his palms, therefore, it is important for the goalie to wear gloves. The football gloves for a goalie provide ample protection to prevent injury and provide warmth.

When buying gloves, make a note of the materials from which the gloves are made of. The upper glove material is mostly made of leather, spandex, or synthetic leather. Leather gloves are the best as they are durable. The leather gloves are breathable whereby you are more comfortable while playing. Leather gloves are very flexible and will not hamper your grip and your performance. Whereas synthetic leather gloves are not as comfortable, flexible and durable like the leather ones.

The glove palm material could enhance or decrease your performance. Usually, palm gloves are made of latex and cabatta leather. The cabatta leather is thin leather which has been treated with chemicals to increase tackiness and provide better grip. It is flexible, durable and extremely soft. So pick a pair, which suits your requirements!

Guest Blogger: Jyothi

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