Getting sick isn’t just a winter thing


flu medicine, Acetaminophen 500 mg, Vicks vaporizer

Whatever be the season, falling sick  needs no rhyme or reason. Gone are the days when viruses, flus and colds were part of the winter season. Today’s weather and environmental conditions have led to the development and spread of flus, viruses at an alarming rate. Taking care of oneself is vital. You can gulp some flu medicine but as they say ‘prevention is better than cure’, especially with those horrible tasting meds!

First and foremost, try and learn ways to prevent yourself from falling sick. How? Well it is not rocket science, nor it is something that requires the help of your ‘mommy’!

  • Eat only healthy food like, fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic
  • Increase the intake of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C via supplements or health shakes
  • Get flu vaccination

If u feel unwell take the temperature first, to check whether you have been stricken with fever. If you have then take Acetaminophen 500 mg or Tylenol every six hours. Drink plenty of fluids, like juices, herbal teas, warm milk, etc.

Take lot of rest but not without wearing pajamas. If you are unable to get some sleep, watch some TV, hear music, read or play some computer games to bar off the time.  If you are feeling uncomfortable and your skin is feeling too hot, take a hand towel and soak it in a bowl of ice cold water. Squeeze out the water and dab it on your neck, forehead, armpits, chest and places where you feel the temperature is high. This is done to cool the hot areas and to make you feel better.

If you are suffering from sore throat, then you can have some herbal tea, lozenges etc. if you are suffering from acute cough, consume cough syrups. When you have a blocked nose or unable to breathe, then the best thing to do, is rub some Vicks vaporizer on the chest and nose. This will help in opening the nostril and allow airflow.

You can fall sick anytime and anywhere but irrespective of place and situation, taking lot of rest, relaxing and consuming an increased amount of liquids, will help you to recover soon!

Guest blogger: Maria

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