Guide your mom with an aftermarket navigation unit


aftermarket navigation, garmin nuvi 3790T, Navigon appIt would be nice if we could afford to buy our mothers a brand new car with built in navigation but for a majority of us, it’s out of our budget. Luckily, there are still plenty of aftermarket navigation units that fit in any car. This method of getting navigation into your mother’s car actually has its advantages like easier software updates and the ease of replacement if the unit fails. Let’s take a look at a couple of the best aftermarket navigation solutions available today.

aftermarket navigation, garmin nuvi 3790T, Navigon app

One of the sleekest PNDs

With the surge in smartphone sales, many were predicting the death of the portable navigation device. Stocks for Garmin and TomTom fell dramatically in 2009 after Google announced its free turn by turn navigation software for their Android smartphone users. Fortunately, Garmin has not been resting on its laurels and introduced the Garmin Nuvi 3790T, which is possibly the best stand-alone nav device on the market. The Nuvi 3790T has enough features to make your smartphone jealous with its spacious 4.3″ capacitive touch screen for quick touch response, accelerometer, and voice controls. The 3790T is constantly listening for commands and will throw up expected responses on the screen. It also pairs with a phone using Bluetooth and displays the caller ID on the screen.

aftermarket navigation, garmin nuvi 3790T, Navigon app

Navigon iPhone app

If your mom doesn’t have an smartphone already, you could buy her an Android phone that has built in turn-by-turn navigation or if she has an iPhone, you could buy her an iTunes gift card so she can buy the Navigon app. Although Garmin and TomTom both have applications for the iPhone, I found the Navigon app to be the most polished and easiest to use. It easily looks up points of interest based on categories, has an add-on for live traffic, and has a very slick and unobtrusive driving heads up display (HUD). The voice for the Navigon app also doesn’t sound like a robot that’s out for your blood, which is a nice touch. There are also add-ons to add Zagat reviews and radar warnings. The only major short coming is that this app does not support voice commands, making it extremely difficult to use while underway.

While I’ve only covered two aftermarket navigation solutions out there, there are many more. In the era of internet connected devices and GPS, there’s no reason your mom should get lost. Show your mom how much you care this Mother’s Day with an aftermarket navigation solution.

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