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Neon tee shirt

Have you experienced wearing some shades and found that you just did not look right? However, some shades have always looked good on you, no matter what. It is a fact that not all colors look good on everyone and that we have our favorites. Our eye color, hair color and skin tone are important factors that affect the overall look.

One such choice in question is the bright neon shades. Most people cannot get to wearing it without the thought of looking like a walking highlighter crossing their mind. Here is some research and observations to make you change your thought process as regards donning a neon tee shirt is concerned.

1. Work with the bright hues that go with your skin tone.

2. Use neutral pieces along with the bright neon to give it a mixed look.

3. Try to buy solid neon colors. Or you could buy a black or white tee shirt with lots of colors on it and wear it over anything.

There are functional benefits of the neon tee shirts too. Neon tee shorts provide you high visibility if you are riding a bike, walking or on a motorcycle. It is a great asset to get you the needed notice. You can let your creativity flow and design your own custom neon t-shirts.

We have been taking about neon tee shirts, but do you know what neon is? Neon is an actual element that emits light when an electrical charge is applied. These shirts through special dyes and optical additives emit an iridescent glow.

With these inputs, make a choice of a neon tee that suits you and get out of the walking highlighter mind set.


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