Match made in heaven: iHome and iPod or iPhone


ihome ipod dock

Pair your iPod or iPhone with an ihome ipod dock for a match made in technological heaven. Enhance the experience you have with your iPod portable media player or iPhone smartphone by making the gadget the center of media attention in your bedroom.

The iHome is a gizmo that utilizes the capabilities of your iPod or iPhone via a docking port. Some capabilities of the machine include alarm functionality, a FM radio and a music player.

The alarm allows you to wake up to media from your iPod or iPhone, FM radio or standard buzzer. Programmable snooze time gives you the ability to get that extra few minutes to half an hour of precious sleep in before work, school or whatever. The alarm can also be set to gradually increase and decrease in volume when waking up or going to bed.

ihome ipod dockAs a dedicated speaker for your media, the iHome serves this role adequately. It may not have the same fidelity for sound as a Boss speaker, but the iHome does feature bass, treble, 3-D and balance sound controls.

Most iHome devices are compatible with nearly the entire line of iPod and iPhone models including the iPod Nano, Classic, Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

Backlit buttons provide the ability to see the buttons in the dark without having to roll out of bed to find a light source to see what the heck button you are pressing.

iHome is an amazing piece of machinery almost every owner of an Apple media player or cell phone needs to own.

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