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Corelle dinnerware Gibson dinnerware

I like my dinner table to look  pretty yet functional and yet trendy. I don’t like mismatched or chipped pieces. That’s why I go in for sets that are inexpensive yet durable. When I’m thoroughly tired of the set, I just replace it with something new.  Check out these dinnerware sets that have served me well over the years.

Corelle dinnerware

I’ve used Corelle for the longest time and I’ve found them to be the most versatile and enduring. They are your typical “freezer to microwave to table” ware. The patterns on the dishes don’t fade a whit even after many years of use and they’re 100% scratch and break-resistant. I recently added to my collection, the Corelle Impressions Watercolors 16 piece dinnerware set. The flower patterns are delightful and hold a timeless appeal. Corelle dinnerware is dishwasher safe and is stackable and space-saving.

Gibson dinnerware

Gibson dinnerware offers some attractive designs and excellent value for money. Their collection of every day dinnerware has great variety and is colorful and fun. What I have is the Gibson Bistro Bella dinnerware stoneware set in both amber and blue. I love mixing up the two sets for larger gatherings. The bold designs on the dishes and traditional finishing techniques ensure that no piece is similar to the other with small differences in size, color and texture in every piece. The set is dishwasher safe and good to cook with in the microwave/ convection mode.

Melamine dinner set

If you have kids around, melamine dinner sets are the most convenient and handy dishes to have around. Even when my kids call friends over for their own parties, I don’t worry because melamine dishes are lightweight yet tough and fracture resistant. They come in these beautiful colors and designs and can brighten up any table. Though I’ve had the blue floral 12 piece set for years and years, there’s been no fading and no chipping over the years. Melamine is also microwave safe and heat-resistant. They’re great for when you have outdoor parties and picnics.

Having inexpensive yet durable dinnerware works for me. Though I have a delicate bone china set for those very special occasions, I can’t do without my Corelle, Gibson and melamine sets. They are convenient to store and serve in, are affordable and look stylish.

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