Keep your cat healthy with a cat tower


cat towerBoth dogs can cats need exercise but you can’t exactly walk your cat. Many pet owners have a kitty door fitted to allow their cat to roam outside at night or during the day. This is great for cats as it’ll allow them to hunt, meet other cats, and keep healthy. While some cats love to go outside and play, some cats (and their owners) prefer to stay indoors. If you live in a busy neighborhood with lots of cars, it may not be a good idea to let your cat wander outside. Instead, look into getting a cat tower to keep your cat entertained and fit.

Cat towers are like little condominiums with a built in gym for your cat. Cat towers come in various sizes and shapes but they all aim to give your cat or cats a fun place to play and sleep. Cats love climbing and the steep vertical inclines of a cat tower will certainly give them a chance to practice! Most cat towers also have a built in scratching post to keep your cat from scratching your precious furniture.

Cat towers also come with places to hang toys for your cat. This will allow him or her to practice hunting, which is still very instinctive for cats. If your cat gets tuckered out, there are places for him or her to lounge and to sleep. There are several levels with small spaces for your cat to get cozy in. We all know how cats love small boxes!

If you leave your cat home while you go to work, a cat tower will keep your cat entertained until you come home. Keep your cat healthy and happy with a cat tower.

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