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Knee length black skirt

As a fashion blogger, I like to have a finger on the pulse of fashion trends and perceptions. Recently I was quite disconcerted by the outcome of a word association game that I played with my friends. When I mentioned the word  “knee length black skirt”, the answers  were predominantly words like “ boring”, “conservative”, “traditional”, “suits”, “office wear” and one even associated it with “funeral”! The reason the replies upset me was that I consider the black skirt and the white tank top to be the most versatile of my wardrobe staples. This incident inspired me to write this blog on how to spice up a simple black A-line or pencil skirt.

  • Officially formal: Starting with the most obvious, a white or pale colored button down shirt or blouse would make a perfect combination for work. Put on a fitted black jacket for a more formal look.
  • Knee length black skirtCasual chic: For a relaxed look, wear a flip-flops and a long, loose colorful tee over your pencil skirt. Want to appear classy yet casual; try putting on a fitted blouse like the polka dotted one and strappy sandals with your A-line skirt.
  • All black apparel: Bring out the beauty of black by pairing a black top with your skirt. Accessorize with a wide belt, shoes and bag of a contrasting hue. You could even wear a scarf to add to the visual appeal.
  • Evening glory: Change the look of your ensemble based on where you are headed. If you are going clubbing- wear a sequined top and comfy ballet flats; a date- how about a pretty feminine blouse or even an animal print top and stiletto heels.

The black skirt is a wardrobe staple. When you feel like following a fashion, merely put on a top that conforms to the trend. So, for Spring 2011, get yourself an ethnic print blouse or one that is reminiscent of the 70’s era. When the trend changes, simply change the style of tops and the accessories that you wear! Remember spicing up a black skirt is very easy; you only need to start experimenting.

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