Are metal baseball cleats dangerous?


metal baseball cleatsShoes are very important since baseball is played on different surfaces like grass and mud. Metal or rubber cleats are mandatory for playing baseball. Although they are mandatory, there’s varying opinions when it comes to which is better: metal or rubber cleats. Let’s break down some facts about different cleats.

Metal baseball cleats

  • Many teams prefer metal cleats because they feel they have better traction. Players feel that whatever the surface, grass or mud, metal cleats are more reliable and durable. They prevent slipping on wet grass or sliding on mud.
  • The downside of metal cleats according to some players is that they can be dangerous to other players and cause severe injuries when performing slides. The common perception is that metal cleats ruin outfields by tearing up small potholes along the way.

Rubber baseball cleats

  • Many teams think that rubber cleats are strong, durable and effective in providing traction on the field. They feel that rubber cleats can be worn on or off the field, without worrying about damaging their shoes or the surface.
  • Rubber cleats are safer for players and prevent serious injuries. They are more user-friendly for the outfields as they don’t damage the grass. Youth programs prefer rubber cleats over metal and are used widely in high school, college and professional levels.

metal baseball cleatsLeading sports manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Mizuno and others now make interchangeable cleats that allow users to change from metal to rubber and vice versa. The cleats are screwed in and out of the sole of the shoe that make it easier for players to change according to the surface they’re playing on.

So, pick a pair that is approved by your gaming association and is also safe for you!

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