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Virgin Mobile Phones

Today everything is about messaging and web connection in addition to having a cell phone to provide it to you, on the go. There are various brands offering the service of a data plan in a cell phone. The question is which one to opt for. I am reviewing Virgin mobile phones and the plans offered by them. I think they provide good deals. Some history first..

Virgin Mobile is a UK based mobile phone company that has expanded into U.S. the service and 3G. It owns several brands in addition to Virgin Mobile. They are Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Megastores and Virgin Pulse.

Virgin Mobile phones have three main plans. All the plans include unlimited text, email, data and web service. You can either opt for the pay by the minute or take the pay by the month plan. It is very easy to add minutes as the refill cards are available at retail locations across the nation. It provides nationwide coverage, including all 50 States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Moreover, there is no activation fee, early termination, or roaming changes. Long distance calls are treated the same as regular calls. Call waiting, caller ID and voice mail are the calling features provided in the service. Phones are lightweight with a great battery life. They definitely provide cheap service compared to most providers in the market. The company also provides you the cheapest international rate. In all, it is definitely a dominant prepaid carrier offering a wide variety of handsets and services for a young, tech savvy audience. They offers loads of wallpapers, ringtones and ringback tones to reveal their users’ personalities. Games and other apps are also prominently featured. Music and video apps include Headliner, Song ID and Video Player.

Cons: The customer service experience of many people has been unsatisfactory. Additionally, they do not have a “call blocking” feature. In the pre-paid plan, if you do not add airtime to your phone every 90 days, your phone will be canceled and you will lose your number.

With its data and message-centric structure, the service would be ideal for the younger users, but might not be of much interest to others.


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