Never miss a word with Philips digital Dictaphones

Philips digital Dictaphone

Dictaphones, believe it or not, were introduced back in the early 1900s. Sure they aren’t as tiny as they are nowadays but they have been a huge hit from the time they were introduced. They are extremely useful for journalists, students, solicitors, detectives, scientists and writers.  A Dictaphone will help you  record ideas quickly while you are out, in bed, in the shower or whenever inspiration strikes you!

Before you go on looking into a digital Dictaphone, you first need to know the difference between a digital Dictaphone and a Digital note taker. A digital note taker is usually used to record multiple speaker audio. These may include lectures, interviews, meetings, focus groups etc. In this case you would require a high quality mic. A digital Dictaphone on the other hand, is used for single speaker audio i.e. just one person dictating. This is usually used by scientists and writers to record ideas to themselves.

Now when it comes to digital Dictaphones, the ones from Philips are the best. The Philips digital Dictaphones are excellent when it comes to recording voices of single users. They offer up to 65 hours of voice recordings with convenient push-button operation which makes things extremely easy. The Dictaphones from Philips also feature an LCD backlit display coupled with file search and voice activation making this one perfect office companion. The inbuilt microphone in this device will ensure that it captures everything you say. The voice activated recording makes it very convenient for you to start recording. The built-in editing feature also allows you to crop off unwanted parts of your recording.

So get yourself a Philips digital Dictaphone and never miss a word with it!

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