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Neatly shaved men always look clean and good. Fresh shaved men look well-groomed and decent. Every man has special requirement for shaving. With so many electric and non-electric shaving machines available men are mostly confused about which one to use. Are you one of them? Well, if you are one of those men then this article is clearly for you. Here are a few differences between electric and non-electric shaving, take a look:

Electric shaving


  1. Electric shaving is very simple and easy. Electric shaving consumes less amount of time. Also these shaving machines are very portable.
  2. Extra grooming like applying shaving cream, soap and shaving gels are not necessary. With electric shaving machines you need not worry about cuts and nicks.  norelco shavers
  3. If you don’t have an electric shaving machine then go for a good electric shaving machine like norelco shavers.  Norelco shavers come with charger, travel pouch and a cleaning brush. This is the great one use for easy and effective shaving.


  1. Electric shavers will not give super-smooth finish. Hence you may need to shave more frequently compared to that of non electric shaving.
  2. If electric shavers are not charged properly then the battery may dry and you can to use it.

Non-electric shaving


  1. Non–electric shaving gives smooth finish. They provide the shave which last for long period of time.
  2. Non electric shaving machine are of less cost and they are easy to carry and use.


  1. Non-electric shaving takes a lot of time and is also painful compared to electric shaving.
  2. Non-electric shaving is more prone to cuts, nicks, etc.

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