On your feet the whole day, kick back and relax with a foot massager


Foot massagers

You have had a long day walking or standing and wish that there were someone to massage your feet. Here is something to make your dream come true- A foot massager. A foot massager provides deep kneading to the bottoms and sides of the feet. It relieves the foot pain and soothes the aching heels and toes. It feels almost like someone is sitting there massaging your aching feet for you with their hands.

There are pressure points underneath the feet where if focused pressure is applied, it can help relief the symptoms. There are so many foot massagers in the market that it is difficult to decide on one. However these factors will help you shortlist one.

  • Simplicity of use- If the massager is difficult to use, the chances are it will never be used.
  • How good does the massage feel- Does the whole body feel relaxed after the massage or the soreness comes back after a while?
  • Healing value
  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Size

The massagers have evolved from the basic mechanical one to the most recent motorized calf and foot massager. There is also the water based foot massager and the vibrating massaging box. The motorized one is the most effective for therapeutic use, though it is bulky and expensive. The rest are not as effective, though they do provide some relief.

Some of the benefits that a foot massages provides, include:

  • reducing stress
  • increasing energy
  • improved immune system
  • Increased concentration.

Soothe yourself any time, as long as you want and as frequently as you want with this genie.


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