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Is your pet your best pal? Do you love to spend time and bond with your pet? Irrespective of how well you and your pet get along, there is one thing that you will inevitably fight for- a place on the couch! Many pet owners prefer to keep their pets off the sofa and train them accordingly. However, to their dismay, they often find that their pet climbs onto the couch in their absence. This causes pet odor and deposit of pet hair on the couch. If an accident occurs during the time your pet spends on your couch, it will necessitate a major cleaning operation. All these issues often strain the relation between pets and owners. One of the easiest solutions to this problem is to place a pet couch protector on your sofa.

Pet couch protectorPet couch protectors are available in most pet stores. As the name suggests, the purpose of the protector is to prevent the couch from getting damaged due to scratches, drool and accidents. Often these sofa covers are waterproof. They usually come in the standard sofa sizes. If your couch is not of a standard size, you could get one that is custom made. Some pet covers come in the form of a dog bed with a bolster at one end, so that your pet can lounge or snooze on the sofa in your absence.

Whilst the pet couch protector will safeguard your sofa from accidents, you must also wash it regularly to ensure that the pet odor is not transferred to the couch. Brushing your pet’s coat regularly will also help in keeping the cover relatively cleaner. With the couch protector in place you need not worry about your sofa and consequently can enjoy with your pet better.

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