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Ever wondered how you can add some refreshing touches to your home? I was tiring of the rather tired look that even new curtains couldn’t dispel. A friend mentioned she’d bought plants for her garden and that’s when I got the idea of house plants. And yes, its transformed the entire feel of the house. I recommend it strongly for an instant pick-me-up. These are some of the plants I’ve got around the house now:

Get some plant stands you feel will fit the theme of your house. Try the 6 level plant stand that looks good anywhere, indoors or outdoors or the Olivenza plant stand. You can plant small braided ficus trees that are easy to take care of and are quite adaptable. The braided stems of this ficus look charming in any setting and are guaranteed to lift your spirits. Chinese evergreen is another good plant to begin with as it is easily maintained.

I decided to spruce up my entryway and give the house a welcoming feel with mini lucky bamboo plants. I got a narrow table for the entryway and filled it with potted bamboos. Bamboos are considered lucky and symbolize strength, resilience and good fortune. The bamboo needs hardly any sunshine and looks good in the square mini-sized, multi-colored pots that I have. Keeping the bamboo sitting in fresh, clear water keeps the plant fresher, longer.

If you feel large bursts of color will suit your home, a group of potted orchids will look very elegant. Another idea I’ve been toying with is a hanging planter with some good plants, especially for the balcony and porch. Hanging planters like the Bari hanging planter is made out of stainless steel. The planters look cool and they bring spring right back into the house.

There’s no end to what you can do with a few plants inside your home. Plants can purify the air in and around your home. Now that I have seen it firsthand, I’ve decided to go all out and get some plants for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom too.

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