Frame your eyes: Picking the right eyeglass frame


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Choosing the right pair of glasses is not about just looking for a functional pair but something that suits your face and personality. Like Prada eyeglasses that are comfortable yet fashionable and can be worn anywhere. Understand the face of your shape is key to choosing the right frame. Here are a few pointers on how to pick the right frame according to the shape of your face and eyes:

  • If you have a rectangle face with a strong jaw line and longish nose, big, square frames look good. A square frame can make a face look shorter and balance out the other features to look more balanced.
  • An oval-shaped face is easier to choose a frame for. The features are more balanced and frames that are wider than the widest part of the face defines the eyes and face. In fact, most frame designs will suit an oval face.
  • A square face generally has a well-defined jaw line and a broad forehead. Narrow frames can make your face look longer as they soften the angles of a square chin and face.
  • For a triangular or heart-shaped face with a broad forehead, the best frames are something that minimizes the width of the face at the top. Frames that are wide at the bottom like rounded or small square frames will highlight the features at the bottom of the face.
  • A round face with full cheeks and round chin can be balanced out with angular, narrow frame styles that make the face look narrower. Rectangular frames will look proportionate and add length to the face.

Don’t look at eyeglasses that only suit the shape of your face. Go with something that looks good with your hair color and skin tone. Knowing you look good can help boost your confidence levels sky high.

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