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One thing I’ve noticed, recently, is that we don’t seem to have any posts about books. Books, libraries, studies, reading rooms, nothing. I want to change this. Books (not those crappy ones they make you read for school) rock, provided you have a good place to read them. So without further ado, I give you my recommendations for the perfect reading spot.

If you read books, you should have a reading room. Or just a corner of a larger room put aside for reading. I use a corner of a larger room, and it’s got an overstuffed secondhand love seat and an old brass and wood lamp. The loveseat is kinda musty (but comfy as all hell), and the lamp looks like the bastard child of an antique shop and a steampunk convention. I also have a 5-foot houseplant and a fishbowl (with a betta). I can curl up for hours with a book, it’s damn near perfect.

sleeper-chairDesigning a reading spot needs two things: a spot to read and a source of light. I prefer cozier, darker earth tones and lower lighting, but many people go for sunny rooms and rococo pastels. Have a lamp, lantern, candelabra, or something, because books are no fun if you can’t see what they say. Seating is important as well. Bean bags, couches, sleeper chairs, all sorts of things work. You’ll be sitting down for a while, so make sure you’re comfy. I like a plant or a fish bowl for a soothing, relaxing touch, othe people go for large shelves of books, movie posters, paintings, even flower vases. Once again, it’s what you enjoy.

The idea is to make yourself a place you want to be in. It should be cozy, bright enough to read by and free of distractions. Now all you need are some books.

Generously donated from the files of Frank “book snob” Morgan.

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  1. Deb Van Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. If you’re going to be reading a good book, especially one you don’t want to put down, having a cozy place to read is essential.

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