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When it comes to formalwear some norms are easier to understand and follow than others. In theory, one of the easiest conventions is that the color of your shoes and belt should match with the color of your suit. Easier said than done! Did you know that you should wear white shoes with a white suit but a cream suit calls for a brown shoe? Now if you find this confusing, here’s a quick guide on which shoes match with which suits.

  • Stacy Adams shoesWhen in doubt, wear black! Black shoes can be worn with suits of all hues such as black, brown, navy or grey. Thus it is essential for every man to invest in a classic black leather lace-up shoe like the Peyton Stacy Adams shoes which has a sleek bicycle toe and a glossy patent leather finish. Black shoes look dressier than shoes of other colors.
  • Brown shoes of different shades can be safely worn with brown and earth tone suits while tan shoes will match well with a black or navy suit.
  • Oxblood shoes can be worn with panache with black, navy and grey suits.

One point to remember is that color-matching your shoes and suits perfectly does not necessarily mean that you will create the right impression. The style of the shoe is just as important.  To be on the safe side during important formal occasions, opt for a lace up leather shoe. Suede is considered to be less formal than patent leather. The laces should match the color of the shoe and should be tied horizontally. Don’t forget to shine your shoes and to wear socks that match the color of your pants. Now I’m sure you feel much more confident about choosing the correct shoe for a formal occasion!

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