Alarm clocks that wake you with sweet music or nature sounds

Timex dual alarm clock radio

Don’t you just hate it when you hear that annoying sound of your alarm clock? Well, we’ve all been there and honestly it just ruins your morning. So what do you when you don’t have an alarm clock and you don’t wanna wake up to something that sounds like a security breach at NASA? It’s simple - get yourself one of the latest alarm clocks which allow you to wake up to music that you like.

Electronics have made our lives a lot more comfortable. This applies to alarm clocks as well. The alarm clocks that you get nowadays are extremely versatile and they let you wake up to your favorite music or song. The Timex dual alarm clock radio is the perfect example of how things have evolved when it comes to alarm clocks. The Timex alarm clock radio allows you to wake up to your favorite music straight from your iPod! Yup, it has an iPod dock where you can connect your iPod or iPhone and wake up to your favorite tune in the morning. This way you don’t even need to keep transferring music. Your iPod or iPhone, when connected to the dock, also charges itself.  This alarm clock radio will also allow you to wake up to your favorite radio station as well. In addition to waking up to music, you can also program this device to play some soothing music that would put you to sleep. This function is called the Bedtime Beats function. Now your alarm clock will not only wake you up but even put you to sleep!

So get yourself one of these alarm clocks and ensure you wake up on the right note!

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