Top three liquid hand soaps


Dial gold soap, Avalon organics, deep steep

Cleanliness is next to godliness. It is proven that clean and germ free hands prevent the occurrence of illnesses and diseases. So, it is very important to wash hands before and after eating and when required. Antibacterial hand washes are available in many types and here are the top three options that you can check out-

  • Organic hand wash- Deep Steep is a foaming hand wash, which is 100% organic, vegan and free from chemical preservatives. Available in varied fragrances like Melon-Tangerine, Mint-Rosemary, Bergamot-Grapefruit, and even unscented ones, these hand washes don’t have an overpowering smell! At just $4 per bottle, you get an all natural hygienic cleanser. And you just need a palm-full to get 100% bacteria free.
  • Moisturizing hand wash- Dial gold soap is a delight for those with dry skin. You can now wash my hands number of times, without them becoming too dry. The aloe helps in the healing and disinfecting the hands, when we wash. It contains, antibacterial elements called Triclosan that combats germs and prevents illness, like flu and cold
  • For oily skin- Avalon organics liquid hand wash is another favorite for those who are finicky about hygiene and cleanliness. You can call me ‘Monica’ (remember Friends?) but I love my hands being germ free and clean. This job is best done by Avalon organics, especially, the glycerin peppermint variant. It is a boon for those with oily hands. All I had to do is simply pay $7.95 for a bottle of 12 ounces and have clean and safe hands for eternity, no exaggeration here! The packaging of the hand wash makes it look expensive but believe me, it is better than the expensive ones. Since, it comes in a green bottle, I can refill it whenever it gets over.

These are the ones I rate as top three because along with cleanliness and hygiene, they also consider what type of skin you have. After all you want your hand wash to be a friend rather than causing further skin issues. So, stay healthy and wash your hands with the one that suits you the best!

Guest blogger: Maria

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