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What doesn’t a girl do to look and smell beautiful? Every girl I know has a variety of perfumes, body washes and moisturizers that they use to get just the right scent. If you’ve gotten into a fragrance routine, don’t hesitate to try new beauty products. That’s why I recently checked out the Victoria Secret perfume line, which has so many options that I don’t know where to start!

Even I use different products to smell good throughout the day. If you’re like me, then you must have your own secret for smelling beautiful. Here’s my routine:

  • It’s important to begin the day with a fresh start, so I wash my hair with a good shampoo and conditioner.
  • A girly-smelling soap or body wash is my next step. I personally like liquid body wash rather than a bar of soap.
  • Then I put on a lightly-scented deodorant to smell nice all day.
  • Finally, I spritz on a little perfume.

Victoria Secret perfumeSince I go for perfumes with fresh floral and fruit notes, the Victoria Secret perfume line has some of my all-time favorite fragrances. Right now, I’m using Victoria’s Secret Ooh La La perfume from their Sexy Little Things line. I personally love the aromatic and floral fragrance of this beautiful perfume. It smells extremely elegant and luxurious. It makes me feel fresh and confident for a long time.

Here a just a few other popular Victoria’s Secret perfumes:

  • Bombshell
  • Breathless
  • Rapture
  • Dream Angels Heavenly
  • Dream Angels Forever
  • Dream Angels Devine

Guest blogger: Bhargavi

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