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white pedestal table

It is said that our homes reflect our true personality. A home says a lot about the people residing in it. This is the reason why people spend a great deal of time and effort to decorate their home themselves only so that they can integrate their personal touch in it. Someone who lives a lavish lifestyle will incorporate luxurious things in to make it flamboyant. A poet or a painter will have his or her home decorated with artistic pieces. Similarly, a cozy casual person would want to see warmth and country charm in his or her home.

white pedestal tableFor me, my home is my personal den that keeps me away from my stressful work life.  My home is my getaway to relax and unwind. Hence, I wanted my home décor to ooze warmth and cozy comfort with minimal extravagance. I opted for a simple cozy casual look for my home. If you are someone like me, then a laid-back home is what I would recommend for you.

Getting this look for your home isn’t a very difficult task. All you will need to bear in mind is that you give comfort the top priority. Plush upholstery and natural fabrics characterize this décor theme. Warm wood tones with rustic or distressed finishes, solid textiles, simple stripes or unfussy floral prints – whatever you choose should reflect the laid-back country or cottage style.

You might want to go for pastel colors for the walls and some basic furniture pieces without making your home look overcrowded. A traditional wooden coffee table and a sectional couch should be enough for your living area. For the dining room, a white pedestal table will fit in perfectly. For the bedroom, again, opt for pieces of furniture in wood and have natural fabrics for your bedspreads and curtains.

Simplicity is the key to get the cozy casual look for your home.


Guest Blogger: Nisha



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