Closed toe sandals – dowdy or adorable?


womens Closed Toe Sandals

Women have a fetish for shoes and sandals. There is no valid explanation, but it has become an inevitable part of their lives. Meeting up these expectations, designers have come up with various styles and designs that let you walk tall with trends as well as give you complete comfort.

Closed toe sandals are preferred by women all around the world for the fact that these shoes come in a lot of style while performing a great functionality factor. These are so varied in terms of style, color, texture and form that you can almost have one for each dress. They are available for formal, informal and even the sporty occasions. Whether you’re on your feet all day or relaxing, closed toe dress shoe is a great alternative to  traditional open-heel.

The fashion forward closed toe sandals with heels make them absolutely versatile.  The ones with miniature heels notch up the captivating qualities and heads turn for the wow factor. The most modern style comes with sky-high wedge heel and platform closed-toe-sandal.

Womens closed toe sandals are practical and comfortable. They are incredibly useful when you have to make a significant presentation at work, and discovered you have a chipped nail, or did not remember to repaint your nails.  It is rather miraculous, how such situations become obvious exactly when we are in a hurry. But thanks to footwear designers to have covered-up the situation with such elegance!

Also closed toe shoes make for a sensible choice as they protect your feet from harsh sun, dirt and dust and are a blessing in disguise when it rains. Your pretty toes are protected all the while to show-case in their perfect form at the right hour! Perhaps, these are perfectly classy and sexy shoes and you can walk in style with ultimate comfort and beauty on your feet.

Guest blogger: Divya.

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