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Having a tea party or a get together in your garden or tea room, is nothing less than a scene from the novels of Jane Austen. Tea time is one of the most popular ways to socialize and catch up with friends. It has been popular in European countries and has become a fad in the U.S. too. When we watch people having tea, there is a lot of etiquette and ethics that go into it. Watch “Princess Diaries” and you will know what I’m talking about!

A perfect tea room is not one that has the regular teapots and cups, with finger or cucumber sandwiches and pastries. It is more than that. A tea room should be adorned with equipment and accessories that will make having tea an experience. If you are out of the Victorian era, in fact, out of the notion that a tea room should be having a silver teapot then you are wrong. Lots has changed and this is in relation to tea accessories too.

A glass teapot is a modern take on the classic teapot. They are transparent with installed filters or brewing equipment within the pot. You can choose from hand-blown glass teapots to electric teapots. If you choose a teapot made from glass, choose a pot that is made from high-quality glass and has high-level of heat resistance.

When considering teapots, you cannot forget having tea warmers. Tea time is a time to talk, gossip, catch-up and go on for a long time. So you cannot serve cold tea, unless it is iced tea. Being a perfect host means taking minute details into consideration and serving hot tea is a must. Thus a tea warmer is a valuable addition to a tea room. It will keep your tea warm for a long time because it is designed with a tea candle or tea light candle that keeps the tea piping hot for a long time!

A perfect cup of tea is one which is brewed to the “T” and this is ensured by a tea infuser. Loose leaves are put into tea infusers that are usually in the form of a small cup made of mesh that is then infused in a pot of hot water, allowing the infuser to brew until the perfect pot of tea is made.

Make your tea time a good time and your tea room, a perfect one with these accessories.

Guest blogger: Maria

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