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2-sided clocks

A well-decorated entryway can set the tone for the rest of your house. Get your entryway right and the rest of your décor falls into place. An organized and well-kept entryway gives your home that welcoming look and adds to the beauty of your home. Take a look at some ideas that can enhance the entryway to your house:

  • Add a narrow, decorative table or a console table to the entryway. Make sure it doesn’t restrict walking space in the area.
  • Use the table to keep flowers, potted plants, a table lamp or some decorative candles in candle stands. If the corner of the passageway is free, keep a ficus tree or a hat/coat stand so the space looks well utilized. Even a chair with a bright fabric covering can make the corner look cozy.
  • 2-sided clocks like the Stamford Hanging Wall Clock fitted along the wall of the entryway look good and are convenient. You can check the time when you’re hurrying out of the house or coming in. 2-sided clocks
  • Hang mirrors or photos on the wall. A single mirror or a collection of mirrors or photos in different shapes can make a visual impact.
  • If the entryway is a staircase, a little bit of paint can make all the difference between a dull and a vibrant entryway. Painting the stair risers a rich color looks great and also hides scuff marks.
  • Hang an assorted collection of hooks or racks on the wall. Keep things like shoes, umbrellas, coats and hats organized on the racks and hooks so they’re easy to place and retrieve while coming in or leaving.

Don’t go overboard and clutter the space in the entryway. Keeping it clutter-free with well-thought-out decorative ideas will add to the look of the place.

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  1. Neoglitch Says:

    Well, that is very useful information. I totally agree with you: While an entryway should be well decorated, you have to be careful not to clutter it with decorations! Thanks for sharing :D

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