5 awesome model kits and wooden puzzles for your child


School is out, the kids are home which means you now have 3 months at home with your kids; them and their endless energy and questions that would normally be taken care of by a teacher or the other kids your child is surrounded by at school. So what can you do?

You could do summer camp but summer camps can be expensive. So instead why not invest in a couple of model kits and wooden puzzles? This way you can give your kids the arts and crafts experience they would’ve got if they were at camp, plus you get a couple of hours to yourself.

1.Gundam Scale Model Kits

Large robotic mech (large piloted walking vehicles) models and cartoons about mechs (ex. Gundam) have been popular since the late 50s and the trend doesn’t seem like it will end. Gundam began in 1979 and has been spun into at least 20 different anime/cartoon series since then. The good news is that this means there are many Gundam kits to choose from so when junior gets tired of one, you can easily give them another one to work on.

2. K’Nex Kits

K’Nex are like your standard building block kits (think Lego) but unlike the standard building block kits, K’Nex pieces are easier to use to build models because their pieces can connect in many different ways and create more angles then most sets. The K’Nex model kits feature a light up Ferris wheel,  roller coasters, swings and more. So by the end of the summer, your kid could have a fully functioning amusement park in their bedroom.

3. Creatology Wooden  3-D Puzzles

I enjoy these wooden puzzles, not only are the cheap but they are great for helping your child build their spatial memory and problem-solving skills. Creatology puzzles range from simple to complex puzzles and puzzles can be of buildings, vehicles and animals. I especially love that they have sets that allow you to build fantasy dollhouses, koalas and butterflies.

4. Pokemon Model Kits

Pokemon is another series that seems like it will go on and on and on and on and on. Anyhow, help you kid “catch them all” by investing in a couple of model kits featuring your kids favorite characters. One thing to love about the Pokemon model kits is that some are standard and other kits offer your child the opportunity to build simple motors.

5. Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs is a unique toy that was especially hot at the 2011 Toy Fair. In addition to learning how to build cars, buildings and other neat things, kids learn get to learn about lights and voltage. Laser Peg pieces work because each piece feeds the other with a low-voltage current that allows the entire model to light-up with LED lighting. If you’ve been to Burning Man, this is the toy you want your child to have.

Happy modeling!

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