How useful is a Metal wallet?


aluminum wallets

Are you looking for the wallets that are slim and sleek? Do you want wallets which don’t wear quickly and last longer? If so then metal wallets are a recommended choice. This is a innovative concept and style. These wallets are perfect for carrying cards without your back pocket bulging. If you haven’t used a metal wallet in the past, please evaluate one to see it’s features and benefits.

Metal wallets like aluminum and stainless steel wallets are very stylish and offer great protection to your cash and cards. Aluminum wallets have hard-shell case which blocks RFID tags now embedded in some credit cards for ID theft protection. These wallets are easy to run through and classy. They are very compact and are also available in different sizes and colors. So choose the one which is perfect for you. As far as functionality, there are several slots but you can easily fit more than a single credit / ID card in each slot. It slips in front pocket without a noticeable bulge. Besides style and protection, these wallets have several advantages. They are water and shock resistant.

aluminum wallets

Leather wallets get damaged very soon. Well, you need not worry about your metal wallets getting damaged as they are very strong and well constructed. So with metal wallets in hand you can be assured about your cash and cards and yes, also your style. Highly recommend this for anyone that does not like wallets but still wants to protect their cards.

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  1. Jennnifer Says:

    this is not a good wallet. it did not hold nearly enough cards (definitely could not fit more than one card in each slot) and there is so much wasted space in the metal design that there was a large bulge in my pocket. also, extremely uncomfortable to sit down on. i’ve moved on to a big skinny card case – i love it! wonderful product that stays super skinny and holds all the cards i need plus more.

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