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I remember feeding my boys stories about how they would grow up to be as tall and handsome as Superman if they finished their vegetables. Many years later, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually true. Take a look at how important vitamins are for a healthy lifestyle:

  • For proper functioning of the body, a daily quota of vitamins and other nutrients in the right proportions are vital. Stress, smoking, drinking, wrong diet and unhealthy eating and other lifestyle habits can come in the way of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Vitamin E supplements prevent cardiovascular problems. They keep arteries clean, and they help maintain the right blood pressure and cholesterol levels for people over forty.
  • Maintaining bone density to prevent osteoporosis with calcium supplements is vital, especially for women. Folic acid is an essential supplement for women when they’re pregnant. Vitamin B prevents birth defects in newborn babies. Supplements like Century 21 Vitamins provide adequate calcium to support healthy bones and promote overall health.century 21 vitamins
  • Unhealthy food habits and improper diet in the quest for a ‘size zero’ figure often means ignoring the need for proper nutrients. Diet plans often don’t provide adequate vitamins that the body needs. Vitamin supplements are crucial in any diet or you become vulnerable to various ailments and weaken your immune system.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E are believed to prevent life threatening diseases like cancer, especially skin cancer. Experts say that other types of cancers could be prevented by sufficient intake of vitamins.

Prevent serious disorders by incorporating vitamins into your daily diet. If you have to take vitamin supplements, look for vitamins that have vitamins B6, B12, D, E and plenty of folic acid. The best diet is one that covers all nutritional needs of the body on a daily basis.


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