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white beats studioThe Beats by Dre headphones have been getting a lot of recognition lately and for good reason. Fed up with crappy sounding headphones and laptop speakers that most people are using to listen to music nowadays, Dr. Dre decided to release his own line of headphones and Beats technology to make laptops sound better. The Beats Studios were the first model to come from Dre and Monster. It is a good headphone but is also very expensive. The headphones I covered in my Top 10 Headphones under $100 all sound as good if not better than the Beats at a fraction of the cost. Lets take a look at two headphones that sound most similar to the Beats Studios at a fraction of the cost.

When I first auditioned the Beats Studios at BestBuy, I was left unimpressed by its boomy, muddy bass and recessed highs. Over time and listening to different headphones I realized that the Beats actually sounded quite nice but were too boomy and way over priced. They are quite fashionable, coming in both black and white. The white Beats Studio is Apple-esque with its smooth lines and gloss white.

If you don’t care much about being a fashionista and want great sounding headphones with good bass response, there are cheaper alternatives. The Sennheiser HD280 Pro gives a very neutral presentation with a nice mid-bass emphasis, giving great bass depth and impact. These headphones have been around forever and still impress me every time I put them on. You can find them for less than $100 at most online retailers.

Alternatively there is the Audio Technica M-50. It is a bit more expensive than the Sennheiser at $150 but still half the price of the Beats Studios. These are highly recommended by the folks over at and They are a bit more dynamic and equally balanced than the Sennheisers. You can’t go wrong with either headphone.

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