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Dooney and Bourke handbags

On Mother’s Day I took my mom shopping and I really had a tough time helping her exchange the bag I had got for her. Apparently she thought was too big. Ok, so I love carrying big bags that can stock almost anything!

But moms are different! She wanted something with an eighties flair. Now, I honestly expected a boring conservative style. However, I was surprised that I really loved a couple of Dooney and Bourke handbags that she showed me.

Mom said that this style was really popular in 1983 and was called “All Weather Leather.” The equestrian trend is fashionable and durable. The duck logo in particular was an iconic hue of the Dooney & Bourke bag, with signature British tan trim.

Dooney and Bourke handbagsToday, these bags have made a huge come back. It is said that if you care for these bags like a saddle, then they last equally long. I loved the solid brass hardware and exquisite stitching with high quality bridle leather.

The collection at Dooney is not restricted to duck bags alone. There are many timeless classic pieces and other vintage bags designs on offer. We finally got a satchel style for Mom but I still had my eyes glued on this gorgeous white Victoria bag.

Later that day, mom dug into the attic and took a vintage Chanel for me. The quilted Chanel in black with a gold chain looked as if it had come right out of a fashionista museum. Well, it seems with vintage making a comeback this season, a few things from mom’s closet are gonna be my style mantra!

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