Dress for summer solstice


Okay, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m a hippy with dirty hippie friends. Although rarely are my hippie friends dirty and rarely do they not dress well while celebrating hippie events like summer solstice. Before we go on, a bit of a refresher of what summer solstice is…

Summer solstice is the day that the Earth’s tilt puts the planet at its maximum incline towards the sun. Typically summer solstice marks the longest sun-filled day of the year and it also marks the beginning of summer. So how do you celebrate this pagan holiday while also looking stylish? Search no more and read ahead.

A maxi dress
The first thing I recommend is a nice summer dress that is floor length so you can fully experience the love-child with mother earth and father sun mood that usually manifests with any celebration of nature and Earth. If you can’t find a thing in your closet or in a thrift store, try looking for something from the designer Sangria. Sangria dresses are pretty, flirty and stylish while still being comfortable.

Sandals or flip-flops
You can’t celebrate summer solstice in closed-toed shoes. That’s just way too … limiting. Toes and feet want to be free man! Besides when activities really start getting crazy and everyone is taking turns jumping the beach bonfire, do you really want your shoes to limit you or would you rather be able to easily slip your shoes off while jumping the fire and landing back in the soft sand, with your sense of wonder and vitality reaffirmed?

Last but not least, you need a pair of sunglasses. Just because you are celebrating the sun, it doesn’t mean that you need to subject your eyes to sun damage.

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