5 dining room ideas


glass top dining tables

Plan on giving your dining area a makeover? Then try a look that you may have been toying with for years now. You can also check out some of these ideas that infuse fresh colors and atmosphere. After all, this is the only space where the whole family sits and eats together.

  1. If you think you can go the whole hog, put in long, bay windows in your dining room. Sure it means a lot of work but it can make a world of difference. Classic drapes for long windows can transform your dining space and give it that elegant charm. Ornately finished dining chairs and a carved table will add that traditional look.
  2. If you like the rustic, country-style look, go in for wooden floors. Arrange for a wooden dining table set and get floral printed or checkered curtains for those long windows.  Add a rug for comfort and place an armoire that’s traditional looking and is good for storage too.glass top dining tables
  3. If you’re the kind who likes clean lines, go in for a modern look that’s streamlined and sleek. Go in for glass top dining tables and add black curtains; generally, go in for a black and white look. Black countertops in the adjoining kitchen and wooden floors will add to the look.
  4. Sheer curtains for bay windows will go with any look. Pull the dining table near the windows and if your dining room looks out into a garden, all the better. There’s something so relaxing about looking out at the garden while eating. A garden adjoining the dining room also makes for a great party space.
  5. Think about a built-in china cabinet with subtle lighting inside the cabinet. Bookshelves look comfortable and homely and turns the dining room into a family space.

Give your creativity free reign and go in for a unique look that mirrors your personality. Use the right colors to keep in with a look.

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