Father’s Day gifts from the wealthy at heart


Gotham Cigars gift set

Are you a cheap son or daughter?

If you’re busy printing out coupons for a free massage, then you probably are. If you’ve already ordered five years’ worth of “World’s Best Dad” merchandise, including various knickknacks like travel mug, t-shirt and baseball cap, you are – but at least you think ahead. If you’re planning on getting a $25 Amazon gift card, you’re cheap and lazy too. (I jest: who doesn’t like an Amazon gift card anyway?)

I once was both a cheap and lazy daughter apt to give my father generic and unimaginative gifts –Dad must have received three or four boxed sets of golf balls throughout the years  – but I’m trying to reform my ways with more thoughtful gifts.

Here are two luxurious gift ideas for Father’s Day:

A weekend getaway. Americans are workaholics, research firm StudyLogic unsurprisingly added to a corpus of information surrounding the American work ethic in a 2010 Reuters article, skipping out on vacation time due to stress at work. Studies have also linked stress with high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes among a wide host of physical and mental ailments.

A weekend vacation with Mom given to him by you, his offspring, will give Dad a reason to use those vacation days and will help him unwind. If he loves the beach, try Cancun, Mexico. For the more cosmopolitan father, London is a great destination. You can try and score some vacation package deals with websites like LivingSocial and Jetsetter.

For dads who love cigars, a Gotham Cigars gift set is really luxe present that, like a vacation, will also help him appreciate the finer things in life. It’s like a bottle of expensive wine, but more masculine. There’s something about smoking a good cigar that’s romantic, that evokes the classiness of black and white films.

And if he’s not a smoker, a Caswell-Massey shaving kit is another gift that’s simultaneously high-end and useful. The best presents – at least in my opinion – are the ones that are slightly frivolous, that the giver wouldn’t normally buy for himself but would love to have anyway.

Still looking for something? Try getting him his favorite, priciest liquor – and be sure to break open the bottle with him, for what’s a Father’s Day without spending quality time with your Dad?

What are you planning on giving your father for Father’s Day?


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