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graco zoey car seat

Shopping for an infant car seat can be tough as the market is flooded with so many models. I had to review a lot of  car-seats before making a criteria-line for my niece’s baby shower. The end result- Graco Snugride infant car seat impressed me most as a functional gift. I evaluated the seat on the basis of several things that included:

*The weight capacity of the seat.

*Usability- how easy it is to use.

*Type of harness system it has.

* Does it clean up easy?

* Whether it can be used with a stroller.

I found Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat to be the best fit. I also found at least eleven various colors, patterns and designs to suit my needs. Although I chose Graco Zoey car seat (Graco Snugride-30), but this range of choice was available for Graco Snug Ride 32 and 35 models as well.

Some features that made the decision easy:

1. The Graco Zoey car seat model can accommodate an infant who weighs within 4 pounds to 30 pounds and measures up to 30″ long.

2. Easy usage – The seat snaps into the stay-in-car base and ensures that the base stays properly secured.

3. 5-point harness system and additional padding ensures safety of baby.

4. Additionally, the seat is also equipped with Gracopedic foam and an infant head support. Apart from this, the seat also has EPS energy absorbing foam (Styrofoam) as an added layer of protection.

5. Interchangeable and removable inserts makes cleaning a breeze.

6. Compatibility with other Graco strollers lets you create custom-built travel systems.

Well Engineered, thoughtfully constructed and well-tested for safety, this stroller system is great for babies.

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  1. Joanne P Says:

    Interesting post, I’m glad you mentioned safety features in the review of the chosen seat but slightly worried it wasn’t one of your five initial criteria!
    You mention weight limit which is important, but not to get value for money as many people will suppose – the important thing is that baby can be rear-facing for as long as possible. In this country there is alot of pressure to make babies front face as soon as possible whereas in more safety-conscious countries the children stay rear-facing for much longer, until 5 in some parts of Scandinavia.
    I personally kept my son rear-facing until he was 21 months (he was short so I was lucky!) but then found it impossible to get a rear-facer easily without using expensive foreign imports.
    Another point – did you not consider the ability for baby to lie flat when newborn as one of your initial criteria? Another thing which the UK lags behind the Scandinavians in.

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