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half golf glovesI’ve seen golfers sport gloves and I was always under the impression that the gloves were only useful for getting a better grip while playing. However, it serves other purposes as well. I noticed that many golfers only wear a single glove. A right-handed golfer wears it on his left hand while a left-handed golfer wears it on his right hand. But there are myriad uses for golf gloves including the following:

  • Since the game involves being out in the hot sun, it’s difficult to maintain a strong grip with sweaty hands. Full gloves come in handy to keep your hands and club dry. Similarly, in cold weather, full gloves keep your hands warm.
  • Constantly gripping the club with your hands can place a lot of stress on your hands and fingers. Wearing full golf gloves prevent blisters from forming and make it easier to hold the club.
  • A lot of women favor half golf gloves as they feel they look better and stylish while at the same time makes for a better grip since you can feel it better with your bare fingers. Half golf gloves made out of hydrolyte microfiber synthetic, like the Green Ladies half golf gloves that are breathable and keeps moisture away from hands.
  • Half golf gloves are comfortable during hot weather and protect manicured hands and avoid damaging nails. The “shorty” style leaves fingers free and so they don’t get numb.

Full or half golf gloves are available for both left and right hands. There are a variety of different styles and materials such as hand-knit cotton back, leather, nylon, bionic and all-weather golf gloves.

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