Blast from the past: iPod portable boombox


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Do you remember the days when you walk into now closed electronic store chains such as Circuit City and Good Guys and see multiple aisles littered with boombox after boombox? I used to see boomboxes, one after another, on shelves topping each other in terms of adding more size and features. Boomboxes with four separate speakers on the right and left channel speakers, a giant CD changer, and two cassette players, are just some of the examples of a boombox’s exorbitant features.

But where have boomboxes gone? You’d be making a good bet if you betted with someone if you set the over-under at five for whether or not you see five different boomboxes at a local Best Buy. Hardly anybody listens to cassettes and CDs anymore, everyone has moved on to purchasing and listening to their music digitally. iPods are the name of the game, and if you don’t fall in line, then you won’t stay relevant. Seeing as this is where the music industry is going, electronic manufactures of boomboxes fell in line.iPod portable boombox via WilsonB

Now manufactures combined the popularity of an iPod with the extra sound thumping of a boombox to make an iPod portable boombox. Some of the iPod portable boomboxes are packed with other features including a FM digital tuner, CD player and a remote controller. You’ll be the life of the party or the worst enemy of your neighbor with an iPod portable boombox blowing the roof of your home. Although a boombox is a Jurassic technology, iPods keep this old device afloat.

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