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The new OS by Google is getting a lot of attention lately. They are perfect for those of you who enjoy a fun user interface and the option of adding widgets. Android has taken up much of the market share which Windows and RIM held previously. Now the Samsung Galaxy SII is quite easily the best Android phone around and it doesn’t come cheap – but don’t let that stop you. Let’s take a look at a couple of affordable Android phones which are just as good as anything out there.

HTC Wildfire

The Wildfire happens to be the best mainstream Android phone HTC has made. This device features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a pretty decent camera for casual use. The feature that sets it apart from other budget phones would have to be the Sense UI that boasts FriendStream for simple social networking. It also has an advanced caller ID that shows the caller’s Facebook status and an app-sharing widget. Its a great budget phone for a teenager who loves social networking. Oh and one more thing - this is one of the few mid range phones which comes with the Android 2.1 OS.

LG Optimus S

LG has been making some pretty good phones of late. The LG Optimus S happens to be a pretty good example of that. From the first look of the phone its design and form will get your attention. This is perhaps one of the best looking mid range Android phones available. One of the biggest advantages you will find is that it runs on Android 2.2! Other specs includes a 3.2 inch screen which has a maximum resolution of 480*320 and a pretty decent camera. The battery life is pretty incredible as it gives you about 6 whole hours of talk time. The best part about this phone would be the fact that it has a lot of accessories and cases. LG Optimus S cases are available in varied designs and styles to match your style. Oh and due to the small screen size a case would definitely be advisable if you want your phone to last long!

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