How to dye your own hair with L’Oreal hair color


LOreal hair color

If you’re thinking of saving on salon costs to cut down costs, I’m with you fully. With so many necessities and the not-so-essential-but-must-haves costs escalating every day, it’s an expensive world out there. What can a girl do but try and save up somewhere? Periodical visits to the salon cannot be done away with altogether but regular hair coloring sessions are something you can try your hand at. It just calls for a little practice. Here are some DIY tips on coloring your hair at home:

  • Just because you’re doing it at home doesn’t mean you can cut down on quality products. Use well-established hair color like L’Oreal hair color.
  • Do a survey and pick out the hair color that suits you best. Pick from permanent, semi-permanent and temporary ones.
  • Look at the color chart to see how the end result will be. Stick to the color guide closely. Go through instructions very carefully.
  • If still in doubt, ask a friend/mother/beauty expert to help you out the first time. It’s better to start well so you gain confidence.
  • Take care to wear gloves so you don’t stain your clothes. Make sure your hair is dry and then apply L’Oreal hair color. Part your hair into sections so you don’t miss out anywhere and begin at the roots. Then make your way down.L'Oreal hair color
  • Once you think you’ve left no hair uncolored, pile up your hair. Don’t use up all the color before you’ve had a chance to see if there are some areas where you need to apply a little more.
  • Leave on for the required time and wash out hair well. Rinse out well so no trace of color is left on the scalp. Finish by applying a conditioner.

There! You’ve done it. Wasn’t too difficult, was it? Repeated use can make you an expert in no time.

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