Hair color trends for 2011


mahogany brown hair

Keep up with trends if you want to be stylish and in vogue. Change your hair color according to your skin tone and eyes and add to your natural beauty. Hair texture matters too. For some hard-core hair color trends and tips, take a look here:

  • One thing is clear. Natural is in and trends in 2011 distinctly lean towards naturalness.
  • If you’re fair and have a peachy and creamy complexion, try out red hair color. It’s the hottest trend this year. Fire engine red looks lovely on fair skin. But keep in mind that red hair and fair skin can show up all the flaws on your facial skin.
  • If you’re just adding red highlights, focus on adding undertones of that shade to create highlights. It can also help you choose a color that suits your skin type and face and bring an added depth to your face. mahogany brown hair
  • You can never go wrong with classic brown. Brown suits most skin tones and is a highly popular color. Lots of brown shades are available and 2011 sees no drop in the demand for brown color at all. You can choose to have rich mahogany brown hair or a dark, rich chocolate. Or even a coffee color depending on your skin tone.
  • Experts say that textured or curly hair take very well to highlights. They tend to be more noticeable so it’s important to identify the spots where you want to highlight your hair.

If you have doubts about what hair color suits you, please consult a stylist. Give hair care maximum priority.  And remember not to follow trends blindly as how your hair ultimately looks, depends on your natural hair-color and undertones.

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