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If you’re tired of getting your sofa dirty, then you might want to pay attention to this post. After all, slipcovers make great cheaper alternatives to purchasing entirely new sofas and can help your favorite love seat last years beyond its initial shelf life. As much as you may want to run out and purchase a brand-new t-cushion sofa slipcover however, making your own can be much more rewarding with just a bit of patience.

What you’ll need:

A sewing machine or sewing needle to help make your fitted slipcover

Ten yards of 54” fabric or so, depending on the length of your sofa

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is measure your sofa. Measure its width from the lowest point and determine how much fabric you will need in yards. Multiple the height of your sofa by two and the width by four then divide by 36. For those of us who are mathematically challenged, your favorite local upholstery store will more than likt-cushion-slipcoversely have a cheat sheet for every sofa shape and size.
  2. When starting to make the slip cover, cut your fabric with pinking shears. You will be sewing 1” seams into it later.
  3. Working from the back, put the end of your fabric on your seat of the sofa and drape it towards the floor to ensure you have enough for seaming and hemming. Mark it and draw a straight line cut.
  4. Repeat the process for the arms and cut. You may need to cut the width, adding 3-4” while using the rest of the fabric for the back and front arms.
  5. Once you have enough fabric for the arms, take the length of the height of the arms and add 3” or 4”. Pin the fabric to the arm smoothing over the top and around the sides. Take the fabric and cover the arms in the seat and drape it to the floor smoothly. Tuck the seam allowances under the front over the fabric pinned in its place and pin the two together. Take off and sew. Repeat for the back of the arm as well, draping and sewing it to the back of the sofa. Join the two arms.
  6. Fill in the seat with you plain fabric and sew it to the back. Drape again and then proceed to sew the front of the sofa to the seat and back. Drape once more. Repeat.
  7. Once finished, pin the back to the arms and the seat to the arms and front to the arms completing your slipcover.

Extra tips:

  • Although it may be easier to purchase a t-cushion sofa slipcover, be patient and you’ll be rewarded with your own personal slip.
  • If you have any extra fabric, you can always make extra toss pillows.

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