Maximize the comfort of your bed with hotel collection bedding


by Mark Hillary | <> | via CC

Ever wonder why you sometimes get a better night sleep at a four- or five- star hotel than inside your own personal bed? No it’s not because there’s monsters lurking underneath your bed waiting for you to sleep at night, rather it’s often because hotel collection bedding are often tailored to sink and conform to your body as you sleep.

Think about it, if you’re still using a five-year old mattress perhaps it’s simply time to change. With classic styles from highly-acclaimehotel-beddingd bed makers such as Frette or Sateen you’ll be able to experience five-star quality comfort from your own bedroom as they often contain higher thread counts, of up to around 500 to 1000, which are much soften than your usual run-of-the-mill sheets. Why is thread count important? I’m glad you asked.

Typically, the higher the thread count the higher the thread count per inch. For the computer literate, it’s the same thing as DPI. The more you have within a certain space, the better. As important as thread count is however, it’s also important to remember what type of material the sheets are made out of. Egyptian cotton and pima cotton are the top of the line so even though the thread count may be around 200, it’ll still be a lot more comfortable than ordinary cotton.

For more people however, thread counts of around 300 are usually sufficient. If you have any questions, always remember to ask your local retail experts for help or to let you feel the material before you buy.


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