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ipod nano 6th genGoing to the gym is a perfect time to catch up on the news, podcasts, or just to rock out to music. Music can often be a great motivator when you’re working out because of the tedium of repeated actions. Having a MP3 player with you at the gym is a great idea but some are too big and fragile to be abused at the gym. Let’s take a look at some affordable and durable MP3 players.

Apple is responsible for the ubiquity of the iPod to the extent that MP3 players are often synonymous with iPods. It’s no surprise that Apple has an iPod specifically targeted toward active users. The iPod Shuffle is perfect for the gym with its compact body, handy clip, and affordable price. The latest iPod Shuffle brings back physical buttons on the device after a poor reception of its previous buttonless Shuffle. Although the Shuffle lacks a screen, it does have the ability to read back to you song information.

If you want something with a screen but is still as compact as the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Nano 6th gen is a perfect fit. The 6th generation Nano features a small color touch screen. Although it doesn’t support applications, it still has great core features like podcast support, a great iPod app, and a clock/stopwatch. It also comes with a handy clip like the Shuffle. It’s almost twice the price but may be worth it for those looking for a little more storage space. Most compelling of all, the Nano features Nike+ integration so you can get pedometer data with special Nike shoes that support the pedometer attachment.

If you don’t want to live in Apple’s iTunes universe, you can get something like the SanDisk Sansa Clip+. It’s even more affordable. It comes with a diminutive screen that is just big enough for track data. It also features a belt clip, perfect for the gym. It also supports more audio formats than the iPods but unfortunately lacks AAC support. The Clip+ also includes a MicroSD card slot that accepts up to an additional 16GB.

All three are great choices for the gym. Choose one based on your budget and your needs.

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