Keep your locks healthy with a natural bristle hair brush


natural bristle hair brush

My hair is naturally frizzy and gets tangled even if someone whistles. So, you can imagine that combs or brushes are my hair’s worst enemy. It’s like a battle every time I run the brush through my hair.

I tried out a natural bristle hair brush recently and found it be amazingly hair-friendly. Basically these brushes are made of bristles that contain natural keratine. This is the same material that our hair is made of. Hence, it prevents too much friction and wear and tear.

One can use these brushes for everyday use, styling, grooming and even to fight the worst kind of flyaway hair like mine. There are a lot of natural bristle hair brush varieties available out there. For instance, wooden brushes work better on thick hair as the natural bristle is unable to penetrate deep. Then there are soft bristle brushes for fine or thinning hair.

Some other types of natural brushes that you can check out, as per your hair type are-

  • The static free brush- Also called an anti-static brush, they are normally made of wood as it prevents fly-away hair, especially rounded ones
  • Wide spaced brushes- These work well on thin or fine hair as they prevent breakage. They have ball tipped bristles to add some volume to the hair.
  • Cushion paddle brushes- The cushion paddles work for long hair as it allows a generous volume of hair to be brushed in a single stroke. It also enhances curls and waves.
  • Vent brushes- These wide spaced natural bristles work for shorter hair and you can choose from different sizes and shapes

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