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Ralph Lauren polo shirt

When you are looking for good quality active formal and informal apparel for men one brand to consider is Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren Polo shirts are sporty and bright with a universal appeal to it. They are the most popular line of clothing from the range of Ralph Lauren products. These shirts are popular with men from all lifestyles for different activities. There is a polo collection also for women and kids. The shirts got the name Polo because they were originally designed for polo players. The knit material was best suited for the players comfort and ease while playing. All these polos are made of breathable stretch cotton mesh for comfort.

Going by the popularity, a lot of fake versions are also floating in the market. People who are not aware of the difference between the fake and real land up shelling the same amount for the fake shirts. There are some things you should carefully look as when buying one.

1. The placement and size of the tags in the fake is a little off from the real one.

2. The horse logo in a fake one will have threads hanging everywhere with a piece of cotton attached to the logo on the underside. In real one the logo is as clean on the underside as the right side.

3. Look for the stitching should be clean. There should not be any loosing threads or uneven stitching.

Polo Ralph Lauren shirt was the first to turn ordinary clothing into contemporary apparel and produce an entire lineup. These shirts are well tailored. Other apparels and shirts available from them range from sports wear to leather outfits. You could find these outlets across the world and online. Ralph Lauren redefines their shirts with excellent standard and quality.

Guest Blogger: Jyothi

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  1. Bred Pit Says:

    Hi Jyothi, you have done a great job by comparing the original & the duplicate/fake brands. It’s always beneficial to know the details so that you are not going to be cheated with the shopkeepers.

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